Selling Sako 85 Finnlight online now .


All metal parts are made of stainless steel or are specially coated to fight wear and corrosion



Selling Sako 85 Finnlight . When weather is at its worst, serious hunters know there’s no substitute for the combination of a stainless steel barreled action and a synthetic stock. Sako’s new Finnlight ST is the latest member of the famous Finnlight series, incorporation the same weatherproof features as it predecessors. The Sako 85 Finnlight rifle is for those who foray deep into the wild to reach their goal. Hunters on mountain trails or on long-distance treks prefer high-performance rifles that are full-sized, yet still lightweight. The fluted barrel of the Finnlight is just one of the many features that make it ideal for the hunter seeking a perfectly trimmed light rifle.

The Sako 85 Finnlight is also an excellent choice for women and younger shooters. The specially engineered fluted barrel of the Sako 85 Finnlight reduces rifle weight and also accelerates the barrel cooling. The composite stock is manufactured with aerospace grade RTM technology. All Finnlight II stocks have carbon fiber bedding to ensure maximum accuracy and stability in all temperatures. CerakoteĀ® treated stainless steel action for maximum weather resistance. Maximum precision and unique comfort for each shot. Selling Sako 85 Finnlight

Mfg Item Num: JRSFL52
Action: Bolt
Caliber: 7MM-08
Barrel Length: 20 7/8″
Trigger: Single-Stage
Sights: Without
Weight: 6.5
Stock: Synthetic


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