Buy Tikka T3x Lite Bolt Action Rifle JRTXB331R10, 300 Win Mag, 24.3″, Black Synthetic Stock, Stainless Finish, 3 Rds




Buy Tikka T3x Lite Bolt Action Rifle JRTXB331R10, 300 Win Mag, 24.3″, Black Synthetic Stock, Stainless Finish, 3 Rds


Tikka’s T3x Lite combines high performance with lightweight ease. The T3x receiver introduces a widened angular ejection port making it easier to feed one cartridge at a time with extra screw placements on top of the receiver to attach a Picatinny rail. The Lite models are equipped with the T3x synthetic stock with modular pistol grip and forend capabilities. It comes with the classic low-angled grip. If you’re a passionate hunter or an avid shooter looking for a reliable and high-quality rifle, look no further than the Tikka T3. Renowned for its exceptional accuracy, smooth functionality, and solid build, the Tikka T3 is a top choice among firearms enthusiasts. Designed and manufactured in Finland, this bolt-action rifle offers outstanding performance and durability.


The T3’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and steady grip, allowing for precise aiming and shooting. With a wide range of calibers and configurations available, you can easily find a Tikka T3 that suits your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re hunting big game or participating in long-range shooting competitions, the Tikka T3 is designed to deliver exceptional results. Its adjustable trigger allows for customization, ensuring a smooth and crisp pull with each shot. Furthermore, the Tikka T3’s detachable magazine makes it easy to reload quickly, ensuring uninterrupted shooting. Investing in a Tikka T3 is not just about buying a rifle; it’s about acquiring a reliable companion that will elevate your shooting experience to the next level. If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-performance rifle, look no further than the Tikka T3.


Renowned for its exceptional accuracy and craftsmanship, the Tikka T3 is a favorite among hunters, sport shooters, and military personnel alike. With its sleek and ergonomic design, this rifle offers a comfortable and balanced shooting experience. The Tikka T3 comes in a variety of calibers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re targeting varmints or looking to take down big game, the Tikka T3 has the power and precision to get the job done. Its smooth bolt action and crisp trigger pull further enhance its performance, ensuring consistent and reliable shots. Additionally, the Tikka T3 is known for its exceptional range and accuracy, making it a favorite among long-range shooters. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-tier rifle that offers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and versatility, the Tikka T3 is a wise investment.
Brand Tikka
Category Rifles
Caliber 300 Win Mag
Model T3x
Series Lite
Stock Finish Black
Action Bolt
Barrel Length Range 24″ to 24.99″
Sights None, Drilled&Tapped
Capacity 3+1
Hand Right
Max Capacity 3
OAL 44.50″
Receiver Finish Stainless Steel
Receiver Material Stainless Steel
Safety Two-Position
Stock Finish Group Black
Stock Material Synthetic
Trigger Single-Stage
Twist 1:11″
Weight 6.50 lbs
Barrel Description Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Finish Stainless Steel
Barrel Length 24.30″


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